Born: 1996
8-string cittern, guitar-lute, 12-string guitar-cittern, bells, wood block, djembe, small drum, vocals
Hobbies: playing guitar, building models, ski touring, soccer, cycling, mountain climbing
charter member

Born: 1996
davul, field drum, djembe, rattles, triangle, bells, jaw harp
Besides Salamanda: playing keyboard, juggling, diablo juggling,
playing volleyball and beachvolleyball charter member

Born: 1997
violin, hurdy-gurdy, medieval fiddle, alto recorder, bells, tambourine, vocals
Hobbies: theater, drawing, designing computer graphics and
animation; playing music (klezmer, jazz, country fiddle, bluegrass, classical...)

Born: 1998
bagpipes (Schäferpfeife, Hümmelchen, Marktsack), shawm, recorders, Irish whistle, garklein flute, bamboo flute, djembe, small African drum, bells, rattles, vocals
Hobbies: competitive and mountain climbing, playing guitar, riding a bike and scooter
charter member

Born: 1999
bagpipes (Hümmelchen, Marktsack), transverse flute, recorders, shawm, bells, rattles, vocals
Hobbies: dancing, playing guitar

Born: 2003
violin, hurdy-gurdy, frame drum, small drum, djembe, triangle, giro, castanet, bells, rattles, vocals
Hobbies: gymnastics, riding a bike and scooter , listening to music, playing piano, just playing